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Delicious gourmet appetizers delivered right to your door...anywhere in the country...just a few clicks away.


Whether you live in Boston, Boise, Buffalo, Baton Rouge, or can enjoy the finest gourmet appetizers delivered right to your door overnight. Our distinctive gourmet appetizers are flash frozen and vacuum sealed at the time of preparation ensuring the highest degree of freshness. They are delivered to you overnight in specially designed highly insulated packaging. All of our gourmet appetizers arrive with EASY heating instructions. Most are ready to serve in 10 to 15 minutes.


Ordering is easy, affordable, and most importantly, secure.  Our processing partner is PayPal, the number one secure payment processor in the world, along with their award-winning Buyer Protection Program.  We value our customers and DO NOT share information with anyone. Quality of product, service, and the security of our customers are of paramount importance to us. 



For Greater Boston residents there is NO HANDLING CHARGE. Local delivery within a 30 mile radius of Boston is just  $25.00  no matter how large your order may be! Go to the "Boston Orders" tab for details.




Call ahead for large orders and special discount pricing 339-235-6877.




Now Over 100 Wicked Good Appetizers! 


* Please note that any alcohol used in seasoning of our appetizers is completely evaporated during preparation.

** Please inform us of any food-related allergies at the time of order.


Beef Tenderloin en Croute, 24 count
42.95 USD

USDA choice aged beef in a rich sherry truffle and shallot sauce is wrapped in a puff pastry. Our #1 best seller is sure to please!

Gruyere, Apple and Summer Leek with Cherrywood Smoked Bacon Tartlette, 24 count
35.95 USD

Aged Gruyere cheese, apple, cherrywood smoked bacon, and summer leeks are layered and baked in a flaky pastry cup.

Parmesan Zucchini Bites with Truffle Oil, 24 count
34.95 USD

Garden fresh zucchini with a hint of onion, is combined with savory parmesan cheese and drizzled with truffle oil in a two bite delight, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Chicken Tempura, 24 count
31.95 USD

Fresh, all white meat chicken tenders are dipped in our own Japanese tempura batter and deep fried to a delightful crunch complete with your choice sweet and sour, orange ginger, or honey dipping sauce.

Goat Cheese with Honey, Cranberry, and Almond Tartlette, 30 count
33.95 USD

Fresh all natural goat cheese is infused with just the right amount of fresh honey, and combined with ripe cranberries and slow roasted almonds in our crunchy phylo pastry. Sunday brunch or Superbowl these are just plain amazing.

Seafood Ambrosia Platter
39.95 USD

A delightful blend of 5 Lobster Crustini, 5 Clams Casino, 5 Shrimp Wrapped in Bacon, 5 Crab Rangoons, and 5 Miniature Crab Cakes. A delicious development that is ready in 15 easy minutes!

Bourbon Glazed Grilled Pineapple Wrapped in Thinly Sliced Ham with Black Pepper. 24 count
33.95 USD

Fresh Pineapple is brushed with our own bourbon glaze, grilled and wrapped in thinly sliced smoked ham with black pepper...absolutely delicious.

Apricot, Orange and Goat Cheese Tartlette, 30 Count
33.95 USD

A delightful blend of apricot, orange, and goat cheese in our crispy phylo tartlett. Brunch anyone?

Maple Glazed Chicken Wrapped in Mesquite Smoked Bacon, 24 count
39.95 USD

Succulent, moist checken tenders are glazed with maple and wrapped in mesquite smoked bacon. Need I say more?

Caprese Cups en Miniature, 24 count
33.95 USD

Buffalo mozzarella with basil pesto and oven roasted garden fresh tomatoes in our phyllo pastry. (The pesto does contain pine nuts as a primary ingredient)

Moroccan Spiced Lamb en Skewer with Cucumber Yogurt, 24 count
38.95 USD

Fresh lamb is minced and spiced and slow fire roasted en skewer. The savory aroma alone will entice your guests!

Kung Pao Chicken Pot Stickers, 24 count
29.95 USD

Fresh white meat chicken breast meat is sautéed in Asian spices and gently folded into our hand made pasta. (This product does not contain peanuts)

Lobster Pot Pies en Miniature, 24 count
42.95 USD

Luscious Maine lobster is combined with buttery sweet corn and peas in a rich sherry cream sauce...all I our flaky pie crust. Two bites of pure heaven!

Strawberries Stuffed with Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 25 count
32.95 USD

The freshest of select strawberries are stuffed with an extra sharp Vermont cheddar cheese. A delightful pairing with a dry white wine and a cornerstone for a brunch.

Beef Cocktail Franks in Puff Pastry, 24 count
26.95 USD

Our all beef cocktail franks are wrapped in our buttery puff pastry served with a Dijon mustard sauce for dipping. Sure the kids love them, but so do the adults!

Teriyaki Scallops - 24 count
39.95 USD

Fresh day boat scallops are marinated in our sweet teriyaki sauce, coated with seasoned panko bread crumbs, and sautee'ed in sesame oil.

Wild Boar Sausage Wrapped in Honey Glazed Bacon, 24 count
32.95 USD

You read it correctly! Our own wild boar sausage is wrapped in honey glazed bacon. Deliciously different.

Grilled Eggplant Rollatini, 12 count
39.95 USD

Fresh eggplant is sliced lengthwise into tender filets, bushed with garlic olive oil and grilled. The filet is then breaded and rolled with creamy ricotta cheese.

Breaded Black Forest Mushrooms infused with Truffle Butter, 24 count
28.95 USD

Select Black Forest Mushrooms are breaded with our special mixture and gently sautéed in truffle butter. These tend to go very fast!

Loaded Potato Skins, 24 count
29.95 USD

Fresh russet potatoes are twice baked, hollowed and filled with our delightful cheese blend of cheddar, pepper jack, mozzarella, and queso, topped with bacon, chicken and scallion.

Pepperoni Pizza Rollatini, 24 count
28.95 USD

Thin sliced pepperoni is layered over a bed of zesty tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese rolled in our own fresh hand made pizza dough. Mangia!

Vegetable Samosa, 24 count
28.95 USD

Delicious Indian vegetarian appetizer featuring crispy pastry filled with spiced potatoes and vegetables, with herbs and spices.

Maple Glazed Pork Tenderloin Wrapped in Mesquite Bacon, 24 count
39.95 USD

Oh yes we did! Tender, juicy pork tenderloin is glazed with our delectable maple blend and wrapped in mesquite smoked bacon. It's pork on pork delicious!

Five Cheese Mashed Potato Bites, 30 count
32.95 USD

Creamy mashed potatoes are combined with cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, romano, and gorgonzola cheese in our crispy phyllo pastry topped with bread crumbs.

Sweet Vidalia Onion and Gorgonzola Cheese in Puff Pastry, 24 count
27.95 USD

Naturally sweet Vidalia onions are flash sautéed in truffle butter and paired with tangy Gorgonzola cheese in our flaky puff pastry. Simply delicious.

Brown Butter Garlic Honey Scallops, 24 count
39.95 USD

Fresh day boat scallops marinated in our own brown butter garlic and honey sauce. Sweet...salty...delicious!

Mushroom Risotto Cakes with Truffle Oil, 24 count
34.95 USD

A fresh melange' of seasonal Portabella, Shiitake, Oyster, and White Mushrooms are gently sautéed in truffle oil and combined in creamy risotto with mozzarella cheese and coated with Japanese bread crumbs. Simply delicious.

Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls. 18 count
27.95 USD

All white meat chicken is shredded and marinated in our spicy Buffalo style sauce and wrapped in spring roll wrappers. A different twist on a Buffalo wing.

Assorted Pierogies, 24 count
26.95 USD

Delectable tender dough stuffed with creamy potatoes. Our assortment offers sour cream and chive, roasted garlic, spinach and feta, and cheddar cheese, 6 each.

Korean BBQ Shrimp en Skewer, 5 skewers, 5 shrimp each
38.95 USD

Fresh large shrimp are peeled and deveined, placed on skewers, marinated in our special Korean style BBQ sauce. These are delightfully different and quite aromatic when heating.

Sweet Hot Chicken Tenders, 24 count
32.95 USD

Tender, juicy white meat chicken tenders are marinated in our special sweet hot sauce and baked. These are sweet and delicious with a surprise kick at the finish.

Crab Au Gratin' en Miniature, 30 count
39.95 USD

Delicious whole lump crab is sautéed in sherry and butter and combined with three blends of cheddar cheese in our flaky phylo crust.

Spicy Chicken Empanadas, 20 count
36.95 USD

Tender, flavorful, fall apart seasoned chicken is combined with pepper and jack cheese baked in crispy empanada pastry.

Hickory Smoked Chipotle and Chicken in Puff Pastry, 24 count
32.95 USD

Select white meat chicken and chipotle peppers are slowly smoked over hickory and wrapped in our special puff pastry.

Thanksgiving in a Bite, 30 count
38.95 USD

Our fresh oven roasted turkey, savory cornbread stuffing, cranberry and a hint of gravy are combined and baked in out flaky phylo dough. These are absolutely delicious!

Cheddar Chicken Bites, 24 count
28.95 USD

All white meat chicken is formed and stuffed with Vermont cheddar cheese in a crispy breading.

Bleu Cheese and Pear Tartlette, 30 count
29.95 USD

Fresh ripe pears are combined with bleu cheese in our flaky phylo pastry.

Chicken Teriyaki en Skewer, 24 count
32.95 USD

Tender all white meat chicken is marinated in our own teriyaki sauce and grilled en skewer.

Honey Dipped Chicken Bites, 24 count
32.95 USD

Tender white meat chicken is drizzled with sweet honey with a hint of smokey barbeque and breaded with our own panko bread crumbs.

Jamaican Jerked Beef Empanadas, 15 count
36.95 USD

Spicy Jamaican jerked beef is baked in empanada pastry. Absolutely delicious.

Honey Ginger Sesame Shrimp with Garlic, 24 count
39.95 USD

Fresh jumbo shrimp are marinated in our honey ginger sauce and grilled with fresh garlic. After the first bite and subsequent "Ummm", these tend to disappear very fast!

Edamame Dumplings, 24 count
26.95 USD

Delicious and nutritious, green soybeans are combined with special sour cream, onion, garlic and a hint of lemon.

Chicken Pot Pie en Miniature, 24 Count
32.95 USD

Better than your Mother used to make, these delicious bites sized delights are filled with white meat chicken and roasted vegetables in a rich supreme sauce in our flaky pastry.

Baby Potatoes Stuffed with Guiness Corned Beef and Cheese, 24 count
34.95 USD

Baby red bliss potatoes are twice baked and stuffed with our specially prepared Guinness Corned Beef, goat cheese, and a hint of Coleman's mustard. Irish finger food at it's finest...

Chicken Satay en Skewer, 24 count
34.95 USD

Tender juicy chicken is marinated in our slightly spicy peanut sauce and grilled en skewer.

Salmon Mousse Tartlettes, 24 count
38.95 USD

Our own silky smooth, smoked salmon mousse is piped by hand into our flaky phylo pastry. Simple yet elegant, these bite sized delights will have your guests asking for more.

Broccoli and Cheddar Cheese Bites, 24 count
29.95 USD

Tender fresh broccoli florets are paired with our three cheddar cheese blend, breaded in our own Ale Batter, and quick fried in sunflower oil.

Lobster Mornay en Pastry, 30 count
42.95 USD

Fresh Maine lobster tail and claw meat is sautéed in dry sherry drizzled in Mornay sauce, and rests on a bed of rich cheddar cheese in our flaky phylo pastry. Put them out and just watch them go!

Jalapeno Peppers stuffed with Cheddar Cheese, 30 count
28.95 USD

As advertised, these old school treats are hand made and fried in cherry oil for a delightful difference.

Tourtiere en Minature, 24 count
34.95 USD

French Canadian Meat Pies in miniature. Fresh ground beef, veal, pork, potato, onion and spices are baked in our flaky pie crust.

Beef Tenderloin en miniature wraped in Mesquite Smoked Bacon, 24 count
39.95 USD

USDA Grade A beef tenderloin is marinated in our bourbon sauce and wrapped in our specially cured mesquite smoked bacon. This is pure delight in a single bite!

Chicken Taquitos with Our Own Salsa, 24 count
28.95 USD

Shredded chicken is spiced layered with jack cheese and hand rolled in our crispy corn tortilla. Our mild Salsa is provided for dipping.

Miniature Sweet Potato Pies, 24 count
33.95 USD

Our special blend of sweet potato, brown sugar, butter and spice in a special pie crust infused with cornmeal. A southern staple with a Boston twist.

Dates with Bleu Cheese wrapped in Bacon, 24 count
36.95 USD

Savory bleu cheese is stuffed into fresh dates and handwrapped in applewood smoked bacon.

Peach and Bleu Ceese Tarlette, 24 count
29.95 USD

Fresh juicy sweet peaches are paired with bleu cheese in a delightful tartlette. The contrasting tastes create a party in your mouth.

Crab Salad en Cucumber, 24 count
39.95 USD

Luscious fresh jumbo lump crab meat lightly mixed with mayonnaise and seasoning is over stuffed into a cool cucumber slice. VERY refreshing.

Southern Style Battered Pickle Chips, 30 count
27.95 USD

Yup. Fresh dill pickles are sliced and breaded in our own mixture, spiced and gently fried. To really throw your taste buds into a frenzy, we supply a sweet buttermilk yogurt sauce for dipping. It's a sweet, salty, and deliciously sour taste explosion.

Strawberry Basil Goat Cheese Tartlette, 24 count
32.95 USD

Fresh ripe strawberries are paired with creamy goat cheese and basil, and lightly drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

Falafel, 24 count
26.95 USD

Our delicious blend of ground chick peas, fava beans, cumin, garlic and spices fried to a golden brown. 100% vegetarian and gluten free.

Slow Cooked Indian Butter Chicken in Puff Pastry, 24 count
34.95 USD

Slow cooked Punjabi style chicken in savory curry sauce open style in puff pastry. Deliciously different.

Brie Purse with Cranberry and Almonds, 24 count
29.95 USD

Rich creamy brie is combined with tart cranberry and deliciously crunchy almonds in a flaky pastry purse.

Roasted Zucchini and Goat Cheese Tartlette, 30 count
27.95 USD

Garden fresh zucchini is oven roasted with Vidalia onion essence and combined with creamy goat cheese in our flaky phylo pastry.

Brie with Mostrada di Frutta en Pastry, 24 count
32.95 USD

Our flaky phylo pastry is filled with creamy brie cheese and a fruit puree of apple, fig, and pear with a hint of Dijon. A Northern Italian specialty that is aromatic and delicious.

Crab Cake Bites North Atlantic, 24 at 1.5 oz. count
39.95 USD

Premium lump crab meat is joined with just the right amount of our specially seasoned panko bread crumbs.

Spinach and Artichoke Tartlette, 30 count
28.95 USD

Spinach with garlic, artichoke and jack cheese are combined in our flaky phylo pastry.

Mozzarella New Orleans, 24 count
23.95 USD

Fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese is rolled in a spicy bread crumb mixture, gently fried, and brushed with our signature New Orleans smoky barbeque sauce. Sure, you've had mozzarella sticks...these are deliciously kicked up a notch!

Coconut Shrimp efused with Malibu Rum, 24 count
37.95 USD

Large shrimp are coated in our coconut batter enhanced with Malibu rum. These are addictive!

Breaded Zucchini Slices with Garlic and Creamy Horseraddish Sauce, 24 count
26.95 USD

Garden fresh zucchini is sliced length wise and breaded with our lightly spiced bread crumbs and garlic with a creamy horseradish sauce.

Quiche en miniature Done Three Ways, 24 count
27.95 USD

Delicious three cheese quiche as well as mushroom and pepper quiche and spinach quiche baked in a light flaky French pastry crust, 8 pieces of each.

Mascarpone Fig and Dill Tartletts, 30 count
29.95 USD

Rich sweet mascarpone cheese is paired with fresh fig and offset by dill in our flaky phylo pastry.

North Atlantic Cod Croquettes, 24 count
29.95 USD

From the cold waters of the North Atlantic, fresh cod is diced and seasoned, brushed with bread crumbs and gently sautéed.

Chicken Teryaki Dumplings, 24 count
26.95 USD

Ginger, scallion, teriyaki with a hint of garlic are combined with fresh chicken hand wrapped in our home made pasta.

Papas Rellenas, 24 count
29.95 USD

A Cuban delicacy, select russet potatoes are stuffed with seasoned ground beef, pork, finely diced pickles, and spices, breaded and fried to a golden brown.

Mascarpone and Bleu Cheese Tartlette with Smoked Red Onion, 30 count
28.95 USD

Sweet mascarpone cheese is blended with savory bleu cheese accented by smoked red onion in our flaky tart shell.

Brie and Raspberry en Phylo, 30 count
29.95 USD

Rich creamy brie is combined with raspberry and our phylo dough for a delightful combination.

Lobster Avacado Tartlette - 24 count
39.95 USD

Luscious Maine lobster is combined with creamy avocado and southwest seasonings in our flaky pastry shell

Crispy Potato Latkes with Sweet Hot Red Pepper Jam, 24 count
27.95 USD

Grade A russet potatoes are shredded and combined with spices and baked to a crispy delight.

Assorted Appetizer Platter, 50 count
39.95 USD

10 beef cocktail franks in pastry, 10 flaky potato puffs, 10 miniature buffalo chicken in puff pastry, 10 spicy beef turnovers, and 10 spinach & potato crowns. Variety really is the spice of life!

Deluxe Assorted Appetizer Platter, 100 count
64.95 USD

Large gathering? Why not double up. Get 20 of each of the 5 elements of our Assorted Appetizer a discounted price.

Shrimp and Crab Spring Roll, 24 count
32.95 USD

Fresh shrimp and crab meat are combined with shredded vegetables and Asian spices wrapped in a light spring roll.

Vegetable Spring Roll, 24 count
26.95 USD

Garden fresh vegetables are slices and diced and hand rolled in our egg roll wrappers.

Stuffed Mushrooms Done Two Ways, 24 count
38.95 USD

Two delicious combinations: 1. Sweet sausage with seasoned panko bread crumbs and Dubliner cheese. 2. Succulent whole lump crab meat with cheddar cheese. Both are over stuffed into fresh mushroom caps. 12 pieces of each. Two delightful tastes!

Spanakopita, 24 count
28.95 USD

This classic Greek treat combines spinach, feta cheese and seasoning in our flaky phylo dough triangles.

Tyropita, 24 count
27.95 USD

A delicious blend of feta and ricotta cheeses carefully folded into our flaky thin phyllo dough.

Four Cheese Toasted Ravioli, 30 count
28.95 USD

Our delicious four cheese blend is lovingly folded into our home made pasta, coated with our seasoned panko bread crumbs and oven roasted. Of course we supply our Sunday marinara sauce for dipping.

Lobster Arancini, 24 count
39.95 USD

Succulent local lobster, a hint of garlic, our three cheese blend are comined with creamy risotto and seasoned panko bread crumbs saute'ed to a golden brown sphere. Delicious!

Crab Arancini, 24 count
39.95 USD

Lobster Arancini's cousin, we use only fresh lump crab meat in the same recipe.

Cocktail Meatballs in Orange Mandarin Sauce, 24 count
29.95 USD

Our own meatballs are slowly simmered in a delightful, slightly spicy orange sauce.

Asian Style Sui Mai, 25 count
29.95 USD

These traditional Dim Sum staples are filled with shrimp, pork, and seasoning. Lightly steamed, these are ready for your guest's enjoyment.

Cocktail Meatballs in Sunday Marinara Sauce, 24 count
28.95 USD

Our own meatballs are slowly simmered in a traditional Sunday dinner tomato marinara sauce.

Three Cheese Macaroni Bites Drizzled with White Truffle Butter, 20 count
26.95 USD

Vermont cheddar, Monterrey Jack, and Dubliner Cheese combine with al dente macaroni coated in our own seasoned bread crumbs and drizzled with white truffle butter. One bite and you're hooked!

Bacon Wrapped Scallops en Skewer, 24 count
36.95 USD

Fresh day boat scallops are wrapped in applewood smoked bacon and brushed with a hint of hazelnut - maple butter. Heaven in a bite.

Lobster, Crab and Grilled Sweet Corn Bites, 24 count
39.95 USD

Succulent Maine lobster, juicy sweet crab and grilled corn combine in a delightful two bite flavor expolsion.

Chicken Souvlaki en Skewer, 24 count
36.95 USD

Tender chicken is blended with lemon and savory spices then grilled en skewer.

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