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Skip Desert? Unthinkable!

Petit Fours Assortment, 49 count
62.95 USD

Made in the French Tradition, our assortment will bring smiles to the eye and delight to the palate. Rich chocolate tarts, lemon financiers, miniature chocolate éclairs, raspberry financiers, pistachio chocolate tarts, opera squares, and cherry flan.

Double Chocolate Croissants, 20 count
26.95 USD

Creamy milk and dark chocolate is baked into our fluffy light croissants creating a melt in your mouth taste.

French Style Macarons, 36 count
29.95 USD

The cookie as an art form, these are constructed by sandwiching velvety sweet ganache between two meringue cookies. These vibrant colored treats taste light, sugary, and absolutely delicious.

Gourmet Cheesecake Lollipops, 24 count
28.95 USD

Three luscious flavors - Chocolate Tuxedo with peanut, Cherry Pink Cashmere with pistachio, and Toffe Top Hat Chiffon.

*Please Note: Peanuts and pistachios are known allergens to some.

Cheese Cake Bites Two Ways, 24 count
29.95 USD

Velvety smooth cheese cake is everyone's favorite! For variety, we offer twelve turtle, and twelve strawberry swirl bites.

12 Slice, Chef's Quality Pecan Torte
29.95 USD

This rich treat is made with ground pecans, caramel, cocoa, and a splash of coffee, frosted with a mocha cream, and garnished with pecan halves.

Cinamon Churros with Dark Chocolate Sauce, 24 count
26.95 USD

Dip these Mexican treats in the melted dark chocolate and enjoy with coffee or tea.

14 Slice Limoncello Mascarponne Cake
34.95 USD

Lucious Limoncello liqueur sponge cake with creamy Italian Marscarpone Frosting

14 Slice Oreo Chocolate Mousse Cake
34.95 USD

Chocolate ganache layered cake with chocolate mousse and Oreo filling

New England Apple Turnovers, 20 count
26.95 USD

These traditional apple turnovers are tender and flaky, with apple pie filling and a sweet glaze.

Miniature Chocolate Peanut Butter Cakes, 12 count
37.95 USD

The ultimate peanut butter chocolate cake - three layers of chocolate cake topped with creamy peanut butter buttercream.

Holy Cannoli! 24 count
29.95 USD

Crispy cannoli shells are filled to the brim with our sweet belnd of creamy mascarpone and ricotta cheeses. Great with coffee or champagne.

Traditional Cheese Blintzes with Raspberry Sauce, 24 count
26.95 USD

These classic cheese blintzes have perfect consistency from a mix of cottage and specialty farmer cheeses in a delicate sweet crepe'. The raspberry sauce serves as the perfect compliment.

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